Open hours

* The S Block Loans Desk is open 10am - 3pm. 

   Monday - Friday

   Closed on Weekends

Contact us

We would prefer you to contact us on our Loans Desk email as this will go to the whole team in one, on:

or alternatively if that is not possible please contact Tom, Nick, Sarah and Heather directly on the below emails:


Our telephone number is:

0117 32 87669/86547/84598






Useful links


We will up-date you as soon as possible with regards to any potential re-opening date/time as soon as it humanly possible.

For up to date information regarding to UWE's response to the Coronavirus situation, please refer to:

On - going information regarding the S Block Loans Desk and Resource Centre, please refer to our instagram account:

If you have equipment loaned out at present, please do not panic.

All we ask at the moment till we are able to get the Loans Desk back open again is that the equipment you have loaned from us is kept safe whilst in your possession.

Though the most important factor is your health and safety!!

Take care, we will be in touch with regards to any new potential open information

Nick, Tom, Sarah & Heather.