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The FET Project Room Desk Opening Times:

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:30


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Project Room 0117 3283003 or 0117 3283005

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COVID-19 Update September 2020:

We will be encouraging all staff, students and visitors to please wear a face covering when moving around in indoor public spaces - this includes the Project Room Desk and all R block spaces

We have now made arrangements for all locker keys and equipment be returned to us safely and for you to visit the campus to clear your locker. 

During the period 25th August ‘20 to 23rd September ‘20 there will be allocated times on Mondays and Thursdays when Staff will available in the Project Room Desk 2Q30 to receive the equipment.

For booking a time slot to return locker keys, project room equipment and collecting work from R block please use the 'COVID Return of equipment & collecting work' booking category.

If it is not possible to return the locker key by visiting campus during this period, please contact us to discuss Email


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All full-time and part-time members of FET staff and students are entitled to borrow equipment from the Project Room and other FET Technical Services sites (exclusions on some equipment may apply).

Each user is responsible for all items issued to their user card until the loan item (including all related accessories) has been cancelled.

On taking equipment out, users take full responsibility to ensure that the equipment, including any charges and leads, are present and correct at the time of booking, and are still present when the items are retuned.

It is the user's responsibility to return items on or before the date due for return. Fines may be charged for late return of loans.  Users are asked to return loans immediately on request.

Where users do not return equipment, they will be invoiced for the full cost of replacement and marked as UWE debtors until the debt is cleared.

If users have overdue loans, they may not be permitted to borrow further items until their record is clear.

All users must comply with the law of copyright when using any of the materials they borrow from the Project Room. Users must comply with the terms of any licences the University may hold relating to such material.

If faults occur when using equipment, users should not attempt their own repairs but should inform Project Room staff immediately.